We need help in lots of ways!  Don't mind driving to grab supplies?  Looking to learn more about rabbits and do hands-on activities with them?  Outgoing and want to be a part of our outreach events?  Want to be a foster home for a rabbit waiting to meet its forever family?  There's a place for everyone at Hop On Home!

About Volunteering


We all have talents and they might not be obviously rabbit related at first!  

Think about what you can offer to the cause - are you crafty and can help make items for us to give away at outreach events?

Are you a "work with your hands" type of person?  Maybe you can help when we are constructing our facility!

Do you love animals but know absolutely nothing about rabbits?

Think maybe you'd like to adopt or perhaps foster but you're on the fence (or significant other isn't sure)?

Come become a Hop On Home volunteer!  We have people joining us who are the most incredible mix of talent from wildlife rehabilitation to electrician to excited kid.  What will you bring to the talent pool?

We can teach anyone who is willing.

Patricia suggested at one of our volunteer meetings that this could be an educational experience for school aged students and could also be a good fit for senior citizens.