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Meet the Team

Rabbit Care Extraordinares

Hop on Home is an entirely volunteer-run organization. These are some of the individuals who help make our work possible. If you are interested in joining our broader network of volunteers or foster households, please click here.


Shelby Wimet-Himelrick - Founder and President

Shelby is an avid rabbit owner for the last 16 years. Her preferred breed of rabbit is the Rex as well as the mini Rex but has had American Fuzzy lop, single mane and double mane lionheads, Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Dutch. Shelby has been the primary Domestic Rabbit 4-H club leader for 7 yrs in Saratoga county.

Sharon Sheffer - Vice President & VP of Operations

Sharon oversees contracts and daily operations at HoH.


Gayle Windisch - Board Secretary

Karri Spory - Board Member & Volunteer Coordinator

Karri works to facilitate coverage for volunteers when they can’t come in for their schedule shifts and assignments

Katelyn Burrello - Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator
Katelyn works with b
usinesses securing sponsorships for events and programs as well as unkind donations for projects and programs.


Karen Sakolish - Intake Coordinator
Karen works with individuals surrendering their pets scheduling their arrival to the sanctuary


Chrissi Clark - Foster Coordinator
Chrissi works with foster families to coordinate adoption event attendance and availability for incoming rabbits that need foster placement


Raychel Brown - Fundraising Coordinator
Raychel plans fundraising events throughout the year and coordinates the items needed for the events.


Jennifer Burkey - Community Outreach Coordinator
Jennifer works with organizations that would like to visit or participate at an event in order to educate the public on rabbits and our organization.

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