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Our Story

Hop on Home Rabbit Sanctuary is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization focused on rabbit education, care, and adoption. The organization was founded by Shelby Wimet-Himelrick, President and CEO. The idea for a rabbit sanctuary came to Shelby through her position as a rabbit leader for the county 4-H club, because people were coming to her constantly with rabbits that needed new homes. After rehoming several rabbits, she decided a sanctuary would be the solution.  

Hop on Home's adoption center is located in the Wilton Mall, though many of our rabbits are sheltered with foster homes. This network of foster families is critical for the day-to-day housing and care of our rabbits. At any given time, we have many rabbits that are available for adoption. An adoption coordinator will work to match a rabbit's personality with a home that's sure to be a perfect fit.

Learn more about Hop on Home's origin from Shelby's story: 

"As the county 4-H leader for rabbitry, it wasn’t unheard of for people to contact us when they didn’t want their rabbit anymore. That’s where I would come in. I would speak to people and help them rehome their rabbit with a 4-Her. As time went on, others in the community heard about me and would reach out. Eventually I was getting calls every 10 days or so. It was clearly a regional issue that wasn’t adequately addressed. One summer day, I was on vacation when I received a message from a local veterinarian. A woman had a rabbit who had contracted a parasite and the rabbit was going blind. The woman didn’t want to give eye drops daily and wanted to euthanize even though it was a young rabbit. I let the vet know I’d head home and be back within two days. Rescuing that rabbit made me realize that I had to do something bigger. I was one person with one house with limited space, but if I implemented something bigger than myself we could take in rabbits that needed homes. We could educate people before they even got a rabbit so they knew the commitment. That day, the idea of Hop on Home was born. If I had to give advice to anyone, it would be everyone can make a difference. If you see a problem fix it. Find what you’re good at and find a problem in that niche and fix it. If I can do it, you can do it."

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