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A much needed rabbit sanctuary is coming to Saratoga county

Press Release

A much needed rabbit sanctuary is coming to Saratoga county.

Hop on Home Rabbit Sanctuary inc. will be coming to Saratoga county, more specifically Gansevoort. Hop on Home will take in abandoned, neglected, relinquished, ill and aged rabbits. They will provide shelter and care to reduce abandonment and release into the wild.

Domestic rabbits do not have the same brain make up as wild rabbits. Domestic rabbits have lost their fight or flight instinct which means being abandoned and released in the wild is a death sentence.

Hop on Home Rabbit Sanctuary is a non profit organization that is 100% run by volunteers. No one claims a salary. It was founded by Shelby Wimet-Himelrick and Sandy McKeever. Both serve on the board of directors along with Judy Sorano and Gayle Windisch and Marilyn Preissler.

Rabbits that are adoptable will have the opportunity to find families and those not adoptable will have forever homes at the sanctuary.The facility is being built from the ground up and will hold up to 50 rabbits. It will be located on the corner of Stump street and Pettis rd. Judy and Steve Sorano who own Soranos greenhouses at this location are providing the land for the sanctuary to exist at the greenhouse.

The facility should be fully functioning by January 1, 2022 but will take in rabbits in the meantime with the use of foster families for the rabbits. The organization was formed to meet a need that wasn’t met in the area. Abandonment is rampant and the facility will provide not only shelter and care but education for the public on rabbits.


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