Welcome to our Hoppy Halloween costume challenge! If you’ve made your way here is it because you like bunnies, Halloween, being creative and dressing them up.

Our Halloween challenge will have the following rules.


Entries will be accepted 10/1-10/23.

Bunnies should be dressed in costume for submission.

Bunny submissions only.

Costumes came be homemade, or bought just be creative.

Costumes should be family friendly, nothing depicting death or cruelty of a bunny in any way. It will not be accepted.

Entry fee is a $5 donation for each entry which can be made via our PayPal donate button at hoponhome.org

100% of your donation goes to our capital project to get our building completed.


Single photo of bunny in costume should be labeled with:

owner's name, email, rabbit's name, age and costume title should be texted to (518) 248-1984.






Ex: John smith, Johnsmith@anywhere.whatever, Dwight, age 2 yrs “Dwight the bombardier“

Voting will take place 10/24-10/30.

Anyone may vote on your favorite photo/photos.

You can vote for a bunny by liking the photo.


If there is a tie voting to break the tie will take place on 10/31 until 5 pm.

The most liked will will be announced on Halloween 10/31.


Prize tbd.

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