24 Sanford St, Glens Falls, NY    |    Bunnies 1-5pm, event goes 'til 6pm  


Halloween is in the air for Jane! She is adoptable and you can meet her October 24 at Gatherfest in Glens falls as well as other adoptable bunnies!

The bunnies coming to Gatherfest are our longest sanctuary residents. They are our main priority for finding homes.  

(Event is 12-6pm but we are only there until 5pm)

Bunny Meet & Greet Schedule (subject to change based on weather)


1-5pm Diego & Margot (bonded male/female pair)

1-3pm Aggie, Hildie (single female Californians)








3-5pm Taco (breed unknown), Forest and Phoenix (brothers bonded pair),








Jane (female Californian)








(If it's raining we will keep the bunnies home but feel free to peruse here for their bios and if you're interested submit an online inquiry!)


RULES!  :-) Touching bunnies- yes we have to think about Covid --- you have to wear a mask and everyone needs to use hand sanitizer before and after touching a bunny as we don’t want to transfer germs from rabbit to rabbit.

We will happily accept donations onsite or we can show you how to use your phone as well to make a donation - lots of great thank you gifts will be available!  We will also have our pasta fundraiser information available (ends on the last day of this month - one week left).


Here's the Gatherfest overview from the organizers!
Come join us for a lovely celebration of fall, the arts, and everything that constitutes a proper ‘gathering’ for us! Free refreshments and candy will be available, as well as children’s crafts, costume characters from local costumer Liquid Sunshine Designs, as well as a book signing and reading from an esteemed local author. Hop on Home Bunny rescue will also be in attendance with some lovely bunnies to pet and possibly adopt! There will be plenty to do and see here at gatherfest 2020. Hope to see you there!