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FunPasta Fundraiser - 40% of sales goes to us to help build our facility

OCTOBER 2020  |  Orders over $55 ship free from Nashville, TN


FunPasta fundraising has partnered with Hop On Home and will donate 40% of our total sales!​

For the month of October we are doing a fun pasta fundraiser! Our goal is to raise $2000 towards building expenses.


We are excited for this and I’ll tell you why.....


1) You can purchase online no matter where you live and they ship direct to you. Orders ship 3-5 days after they’re placed.

2) The pasta is made is the USA

3) Bunny shaped pasta - actually lots of fun pasta shapes

4) We receive 40% of sales which is awesome in the fundraising world.

5) Gift sets- start thinking holidays!

6) They have Mac and cheese, two vegan products and soup mixes too- chicken noodle soup has chicken shaped pasta in it

7) Holiday pasta including Halloween etc.

8) IT HELPS US raise money for the building in a safe Covid-friendly way

Check out their adorable shapes - such a unique and fun gift idea!


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