Rabbits relinquished to us need foster homes - can you help?  If it sounds like the perfect thing for you please download the foster application below and return it to!


About Fostering



Fostering saves rabbit lives!

Foster families are the cornerstone of our organization until our facility opens.


The Rabbit is a highly social, intelligent, sensitive and a wonderful companion animal. Rabbits need to live in close proximity to their families (foster and permanent families).


Rabbits are clean, wonderful companions who can be trained to use litter boxes. They are also quiet, fun, relaxing and charming in the way they move or jump for joy (called a binky). Each rabbit’s personality is different and there is the right home for every bunny. Rabbits can get along with cats, dogs and birds. Rabbits live 8-12 yrs!


Every rabbit needs attention, proper food, housing, love, grooming and support. Our foster families provide for the needs of rabbits in their care. At times when a foster bunny first arrives they may have special needs. No matter the rabbit’s situation, as foster families, we help the rabbit adjust, heal and get ready to meet their permanent families.

Our foster network will be successful with your help. Hop on Home foster families are compassionate, loving people who choose to share their heart and home with a special rabbit(s) in need. Fosters make a big difference in the life of every rabbit they help.

We will provide medical care and all setup supplies:

Enclosure, litter box, and food /water crocks.

You provide the love and fresh veggies, pellets, and hay.

Naturally we will teach you all about living with a house rabbit. Fostering is fun and rewarding.

Becky and Ben - interested in fostering 

"We are rabbit people and love rabbits."