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We have 4 mixed breed approximately 8-week-old boys who need a foster home!  Can you handle the cuteness?  We can't!


Social with humans


Loves to eat! He's a foodie!


Skittish around humans


Social with humans


We’re helping find foster homes for these guys that were dropped at Mohawk Hudson Humane. They are foster only right now, all boys, about 2 months.


The brown one is skittish with people so he’s going to need a place with someone who can really take one on one time with him.


The matching ones are very social so they would be good in a family setting to get lots of interaction.


The black one likes to eat so if your house is a foodie household this may be perfect for you! Next month he’d be able to start having different veggies introduced and it could be fun to see his likes and dislikes.

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